The Best Silk Scarf Manufacturer in the World

August 26, 2022

A silk scarf manufacturer is a company that produces silk scarves. Silk is a natural fiber produced by certain insects to form their cocoons. The most common type of silk used for making scarves is mulberry silk. The larvae of the mulberry silkworm are fed only mulberry leaves, and it takes about 3,000 cocoons to make one pound of raw silk. After the cocoons are harvested, the silk is spun into thread and then woven or knitted into fabric.

The Best Silk Scarf Manufacturer in the World


Hangzhou butterfly color silk manufacturer




Hangzhou Diecai Silk Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, a famous silk city since the Western Han Dynasty. Established with its good geographical advantage.


Silk is a natural protein fiber that has always represented health, luxury and a positive attitude towards life; it is widely appreciated and used by thousands of households in daily life. Our company logo - colorful butterflies made of silk symbolize the properties of silk - elegant, smooth, soft and bright. Our logo also represents our company values - keep flying, keep moving forward, and grow step by step with our valued customers.


Our main products include silk scarves, silk fabrics, silk eye masks, silk pillowcases, silk pajamas and so on. Although the company is new, our workers are experienced and have spent most of their lives in the silk industry. Taking a win-win strategy as the company's eternal development vision, we always provide customers with the best silk products and best services at reasonable prices. Long-term cooperation is our unremitting goal.


larioseta silk scarf manufacturer




Born in Como in 1945, it is today one of the leading textile companies in the field of fashion accessories, both men's and women's and, more recently, children's.


Research, research, experiment with new production techniques and new printing processes. Get the zeitgeist. Given that we are moving faster, with greater demands and less time, Larioseta has managed to create a relationship, a strong bond, just to pass on the passion.


Larioseta designs and produces exclusive scarves and scarves with a high creative content: printed scarves, solid colors, dyed yarns and jacquards. If we have an idea, we are aware of it, or we do everything we can to make it possible. It offers the vast experience and professionalism of a team of creatives and stylists, their creative and technical skills, preparation, smiles and most promising skills to conceive and create a specific accessory that stands out and stands out for its quality and exclusivity famous.


The most important thing is to create sophisticated, stylish, fully customizable products through your own background of knowledge, careful study of details and looking for unique prints with a strong personality. Ties, scarves, shawls, hats, shawls and gloves, featuring Como's traditional efficiency.


Lariosetta is the protagonist of the accessories world and an integral part of the excellence of Made in Italy quality, from printing to weaving to finished packaging.


It also has production and distribution deals with some of the biggest names in fashion, such as Moschino and Pollini, who believe in the company's culture and workgroups.


Aeneis silk scarf manufacturer




Aeneis is an ethical luxury brand specializing in silk scarves. Featuring exquisite hand-painted prints designed in Paris and made in Italy.


The company is located in St. Petersburg, Switzerland and Paris, France.


The collections were designed, drawn and developed by Swiss-Italian founder Lisa Lubrini in her Paris studio and manufactured by the small family-owned business in Como, Italy. Known as the "Silk City", Como began producing silk in the 15th century using raw materials from the Far East. To this day, Como is known for its excellent silk manufacturing quality.


Aeneis' products are made from luxurious silk twill, a woven fabric whose diagonally parallel rib pattern is easily recognizable. With a lustrous pearly appearance and excellent drape, twill silk combines the practical strength of a twill weave with the natural strength of silk for exceptional durability. Every product is designed and manufactured with passion and care. Attention to detail and a strong commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship.


Biddle Sawyer silk scarf factory




Biddle Sawyer Silks is a leading silk wholesaler and silk printer in London and Manchester, offering our services nationwide.


Our long history in the silk industry dates back to 1926. While we have grown as a company, our values have remained the same. High standards of customer service and quality British-made products will always be at the forefront of our work.


Few people are as passionate about their work as we are. The Biddle Sawyer Silks team are seasoned professionals who are always ready to provide advice and technical support when needed, and we are proud to partner and build strong working relationships with leading UK fashion designers.


Sino Silk scarf supplier




Sino Silk is a leading custom and overall silk products factory, located in Silk City: Hangzhou, China, established in 2009, specializing in custom and wholesale printing or embroidery 100% mulberry silk products: silk scarves, pillowcases, sleeping masks, fabrics, hair Straps, headbands, masks, hats, ties, pajamas and gowns, which have served thousands of customers worldwide, including some well-known brands: CORUM, COCA-COLA AIRFRANCE, GOOGLE, SK-II, DAS AUTO, TOYOTA… And win repeat orders with competitive price, excellent quality and service.


For Sino Silk, the manufacture of silk products is pure indulgence, silk is not just a piece of cloth, in fact it is the most exquisite work of art we create, but silk should not mean luxury, we advocate that everyone can Enjoy the beauty and comfort of silk at an affordable price and durable quality.


All silk products produced by Sino are in compliance with European standards and all specifications of other major independent testing agencies, and testing reports are available for reference.


As a responsible organization, we believe that social responsibility, environmental responsibility and accountability are critical to fostering a positive work culture and sustaining growth.


Bannier Silk scarf Supplier




Banniere produces high quality silk scarves designed by local artists in cities around the world. Based on the values of collaboration, quality and travel, Bannier works closely with a variety of artists to create designs that reflect the culture and lifestyle of each artist's beloved city.


Modefa Silk scarf manufacturer




We are a family business with big dreams.Modefa goal is to bring quality, affordable Islamic products to Muslims in America and around the world. When we started our online store in 2011, our main focus was the Turkish hijab. Since then we have grown to also offer prayer rugs, prayer dresses and hijabs, hijab accessories, Islamic jewellery and Islamic home decor. We are proud to be the top online prayer rug brand in the US and one of the best sources for Turkish hijabs and Islamic decorations in the US.


Turkey has always been known as the crossroads of civilization. In our modern day, it is where "East meets West" - literally and figuratively. Turkey embodies Islam's attempt to meet modernity. Islamic clothing from Turkey is not only stylish but also modern and of high quality.


Turkey has long been a leader in various Islamic products, especially prayer rugs. The best prayer rugs from all over the world are made in Turkey. Many people who travel to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah return with Turkish-made souvenirs (rugs, gifts, etc.). Turkish products are generally of better quality than those made in Asian countries (and no sweatshops are used), but still affordable to global customers.


HUACUIYUAN Silk scarf manufacturer




HUACUIYUAN is a professional OEM supplier of custom scarves, fabrics, silk garments and accessories, such as pocket squares, scarves, ties, eye masks, tights and cushions. We are committed to providing the highest quality products to our valued customers around the world.


Established in 2005, we are a direct printing facility with state-of-the-art facilities to meet the highest standards. At present, it has 2 digital printers imported from Italy, 6 high-speed printers and 10 medium-speed printers, with a monthly production capacity of 200,000 meters.


We stick to top quality silk materials, all our silks are grade 6A, they feel great in the hand, and the colors and prints are outstanding.


swisssilk scarf manufacturer




The Swiss Silk Company has been making fine silk gifts since 1989. We design and produce bespoke silk scarves and ties, commissioned by major hotels, prestigious resorts, world-renowned museums, renowned wineries, historic estates, mega yacht owners and others. Each of these premium items features exclusive artwork, making them a rare and valuable keepsake that tells a customer's unique story.


Gretchen Barbatelli is a hands-on supervisor who oversees design and production to ensure that every tie and scarf reflects exceptional quality. Her background includes 30 years of experience working with founder Irene Wilhelm, artists and textile mills around the world. Gretchen's early discipline, inspiration and aesthetic came from working with San Francisco's leading architectural and commercial interior design firm.


Manner Market scarf manufacturer




At Manner Market, we use the highest quality grade 6A silk to weave our thick satin and twill fabrics and finish with Japanese hemming. It has a luxurious feel and is breathable, light and soft.


Using OEKO-TEX certified inks that are gentle on the body, we print on both sides of the scarf to ensure you get the most vibrant color no matter how you wear it.


Our packaging and labels are now made from FSC certified paper and they look better than ever.


We work with small silk suppliers who understand the importance of quality. We think that if China had mastered the manufacture of silk from 3000 BC, they must have known their stuff. We love that they also respect the environment with a chemical-free process and their own waste disposal system.


Manner Market believes that style is about self-expression. Inspired by classic patterns, we use high-quality silks and printing techniques to create contemporary designs that complement casual and sophisticated clothing. Our styles bring clothing to life.


Tri Star Overseas scarf Suppliers




Tri Star Overseas is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company engaged in the manufacture, supply and export of shawls, scarves, shawls, designer scarves, bedspreads, shawls, fabrics. We have built a solid foundation over the years in exporting quality products because our vision is to demonstrate excellence to our customers and meet their greatest expectations at competitive prices. Known for our excellent reputation, prompt delivery and competitive prices for high quality products, we are already well ahead of our competitors.



Our company was founded in 1957 by the late Sh. Sohan lal Ji Jaitley, who later handed over the estate to the hardworking and visionary Mr Kamal Kishore Jaitley, who then named our company for India and overseas markets.


Our company is managed by experts in the field of export and assisted by highly qualified and experienced professionals in every sector: production, quality assurance and marketing.



We manufacture and export all kinds of shawls, shawls, scarves, bedspreads, shawls, fabrics in authentic, high quality cashmere/cashmere, pure silk, wool-silk, silk-cashmere, modal, micro-modal viscose, acrylic, Cotton, Spandex/Lycra, Bamboo and various other organic and non-organic yarns.


We have been in the shawl/scarf industry for over 50 years, providing the best products to our customers worldwide. For us, shawl making is pure indulgence. For us, a scarf is more than just a piece of cloth, it's actually the most beautiful piece of art we've ever created.


Our buyers have the added advantage of customizing shawls, shawls and scarves according to their needs; they can choose their preferred color/design from our collection, or by providing us with .jpeg, .bmp, .ai, . Renderings in psd, even woven into scarves and fabric sketches.


All our products use AZO FREE and FAST colours that comply with European standards and all specifications of the main independent testing institutes.


We at Tri Star Overseas cater to our clients' high and low volume needs while ensuring that products are delivered to them in the shortest possible time for maximum profit.


As a responsible organization, we believe that social and environmental responsibility is critical to fostering a positive work culture and sustainable development.